Overhead Sign Structures

Overhead sign structures play a crucial role in indicating direction to motorists and keeping traffic navigation a smooth process for both the individual and the motorist public.  Their large size and position directly above traffic means that their installation must be performed with the utmost care.  Tri-Star Traffic being a utility contractor that offers overhead sign structure installation means that, in addition to the sign and structure supporting it, Tri-Star can also install any electrical that may be required by the design.  Some signs are to be illuminated by attached lamps and advanced warning signs need flashing amber bulbs.  Tri-Star can perform all duties required in the installation of sign structures from concrete bases to any possible electrical work required, at the convenience of a single contractor.

Tri-Star Traffic recognizes the need to keep roads open during busy hours.  We are ready and willing to work off-hours when traffic is lighter or even weekends.  Tri-Stars thorough understanding of this project keeps construction on time and on budget.