Street Lighting

When the light of day fades, it is the glow of street lights that provide not only illumination for sight but also the public perception of safety and efficient public works.

Tri-Star Traffic Inc. provides municipalities of all sizes a cost-effective singular source for all their street lighting requirements.


Tri-Star Traffic Inc. can analyze, consult, custom-design, supply, install, maintain and refit, in whole or in part, any street lighting system. Every installation is performed precisely by experienced professionals, a combination of journeyman electricians and traffic control technicians, with the latest in techniques and tools to ensure maximum effectiveness, minimum cost and time and total safety.

An investment in a street lighting system can only reap dividends if it is working properly.

The commitment of Tri-Star Traffic Inc. to its customers and its product means the completion of the installation only marks the beginning of the job, not the end. Repair and replacement of lamps, poles, bases and troubleshooting wiring and conduit breaks are not only common to street lighting systems but are all specialties of Tri-Star Traffic Inc.’s professionals. This commitment stands regardless whether the project is an original Tri-Star Traffic Inc. installation or not.

Service interruptions do not restrict themselves to regular business hours; neither does Tri-Star Traffic Inc. Day or night, weekend or weekday, small or large interruption, a single phone call to Tri-Star Traffic Inc.’s Emergency Contact Number (204) 946-9587 allows customers instant contact with a professional dedicated to resolving the situation as soon and as effectively as possible.

With Tri-Star Traffic Inc., premium maintenance service is obtained at a fraction of the cost of an in-house maintenance capability where full-time costs (wages, benefits, overtime, overhead, inventory, materials storage, vehicles etc.) are often needed only on a part-time basis.