Traffic Signal Retrofitting

Recent development of LED light fixtures has resulted in lamps that are both brighter and more efficient than traditional bulbs.  With these developments it has become far more profitable to have older traffic signals retrofitted with LED fixtures.  Tri-Star Traffic is well experienced in the installation of new traffic signals.  Completing the process quickly and safely with minimal disturbances to the flow of traffic.

With flexible hours and the latest products, Tri-Star Traffic aims to impress its clients with an eloquent final build arrived at in a timely method.

Should you experience a service interruption with the intersection call Tri-Star Traffic’s emergency contact number (204) 946-9587. You’re always just a call away from getting in contact with professional aid.

Traffic Signal Relamping

If you still feel unprepared for upgrading to LED fixtures, Tri-Star Traffic still offers traffic signal relamping.  After all, Traffic signal devices are only as good as the lamps in them.

With Tri-Star Traffic Inc., premium service is obtained at a fraction of the cost of an in-house maintenance capability where full-time costs (wages, benefits, overtime, overhead, inventory, materials storage, vehicles etc.) are often needed only on a part-time basis.

Service interruptions do not restrict themselves to regular business hours; neither does Tri-Star Traffic Inc. Day or night, weekend or weekday, small or large interruption, a single phone call to Tri-Star Traffic Inc.’s Emergency Contact Number (204) 946-9587 allows customers instant contact with a professional dedicated to resolving the situation.